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Hartert-Russell Fine Cabinetry and Millwork has been here in Nashville running steady for the last fifteen years. We've built everything from fences to basketball courts, dug out basements under existing houses, designed and built hidden doorways, safe rooms, wine cellars and even wooden bathtubs and sinks along with every kind and style of kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and libraries. We are always excited about tackling a new idea, figuring out how to do something we haven't seen before and enjoy a challenge that we can turn into a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. We like to say if it is made of wood, we can build it.

Ian Hartert grew up in New York and was trained in classical carpentry and the time-proven craftsmanship that first formed this country. Kevin Russell hails from Wyoming and was working construction with his family from the get-go. After meeting in college they decided to start their own company in Music City USA. Bringing a mix of East and West, here at Hartert-Russell, we combine the high standard of woodworking that built the old world and the indomitable spirit that tamed the frontier. It is a true meeting of art and ability, and we continue that by using the best materials to create a product that is both beautiful and useful, intricate and tough, and will stand proud for years to come.

We stand firmly behind our product knowing, not only, the time, care and skill involved in bringing it to you, but also in the satisfaction of our varied clientele. We have engaged every size of job, if it is just a couple pieces, to multiple rooms in some of Nashville's most elaborate houses. We have built structures to honor those who have fallen serving this country and those whose talent makes this city ring with harmony. In order to protect the privacy of all our clients, we won't say exactly who is cooking on, dressing from and walking through Hartert-Russell product, but we will say that when we watch both the Oscars and the Grammys we are always happy to see and honor our friends.

As part of Nashville, we are always happy to help; we equally enjoy making new acquaintances and, hopefully, friends. Come see us; give us a call; check out our work and let us know how we can help you. We are more than glad to serve. Talk to you soon.

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